Lumbar Spine Research

Hip-Spine Syndrome: Evaluating the effect of Total Hip Arthroplasty on Dynamic Lumbar Motion

This study aims is to determine the effect of the total hip arthroplasty surgical procedure on the lumbar motion before and after surgery.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Jeremy Shaw, MD
Co-Investigators: Dr. Brian Klatt, MD, Dr. Michael O’Malley, MD, William Anderst, PhD
Funding Source: Lumbar Spine Research Society

Pre-surgery walking
Post-surgery walking

The LB3P Low Back Pain Research Study

The purpose of this study is to identify kinematics phenotypes for individuals with chronic low back pain. As part of the University of Pittsburgh’s U19 award from the NIH HEAL initiative, the BDL is measuring lumbar spine kinematics in 300 individuals with chronic low back pain.

Principal Investigator: Gwendolyn Sowa, MD, PhD, Nam Vo, PhD
Funding Source: NIH

Extension motion recorded in lab
Biplane radiography of extension motion
3D extension motion reconstructed from biplane radiographs and CT based model