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1. Canton S, Anderst W, Hogan M. In Press.

2. Wawrose R, LeVasseur C, Byrapogu V, Dombrowski M, Donaldson W, Shaw J Lee J, Anderst W, Aiyangar, A. In vivo changes in adjacent segment kinematics after lumbar decompression and fusion. J. Biomechanics. In Press.

3.LeVasseur C, Pitcairn S, Shaw J, Donaldson W, Lee J, Anderst W. The effects of age, pathology, and fusion on cervical neural foramen area. J. Orthopaedic Research. In Press.

4. Pitcairn S, Kromka J, Hogan M, Anderst W. Validation and application of dynamic biplane radiography to study in vivo ankle joint kinematics during high-demand activities. J. Biomechanics. In Press.



 1.  Nagai K, Yang S, Fu F, Anderst W.  Unloader knee brace increases medial compartment joint space during gait in knee osteoarthritis patients.  Knee Surgery Sports Traumatology and Arthroscopy. 2019;27(7):2354-2360.

2.  LeVasseur C, Wawrose R, Pitcairn S, Donaldson W, Lee J, Anderst W. Dynamic functional nucleus is a potential biomarker for structural degeneration in cervical spine discs. Journal of Orthopaedic Research. 2019;37(4):965-971.

3. Gale T, Anderst W. Asymmetry in healthy adult knee kinematics revealed through biplane radiography of the full gait cycle. Journal of Orthopaedic Research. 2019;37(3):609-614.

4. Charles J, Moon C, Anderst W.  Determining subject-specific lower-limb muscle architecture data for musculoskeletal models using diffusion tensor MRI. J. Biomech. Eng. 2019;141(6):060905-060905-9.

5. Nagai K, Gale T, Chiba D, Su F, Fu FH, Anderst W. The complex relationship between in vivo ACL elongation and knee kinematics during walking and running. Journal of Orthopaedic Research. 2019;37(9):1920-1928.

6. Akpinar B, Thorhauer E, Tashman S, Irrgang J, Fu F, Anderst W. Tibiofemoral cartilage contact differences between level walking and downhill running. Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine. 2019;7(4): 2325967119836164.

7. Charles J, Suntaxi F, Anderst W. In vivo human lower limb muscle architecture dataset obtained using diffusion tensor imaging. PLOS ONE 2019;14(10): e0223531.